20 Acai Bowl Recipes — the Superfood Detox Breakfast

have you had sufficient kale? Are you over-adding flaxseeds for your breakfast? Do your breakfast smoothies need an improve?

Then get excited due to the fact the acai berry is right here. This superfood is successful in its native Brazil, however the trend has finally reached American seashores. And it’s an excellent issue too, because for the sort of small fruit, acai (suggested ah-sigh-ee) without a doubt packs a punch.

The fruit is truely loaded with antioxidants, which offer lots of its health benefits. Acai also acts as a herbal digestive cleaner, cleaning the liver and kidneys through processing and removing toxins from the body. It also continues your skin infant easy with out breaking a sweat.

clean acai is difficult to get hold of outside important and South the united states. alternatively, search for it in frozen aisles, as a juice, puree or even acai powder. due to its natural sweetness, acai is specifically delicious in smoothie bowls and desserts.

I’ve accumulated my favourite acai bowl recipes (with some other candy treats thrown in) so you can revel in all of the benefits of this distinguished fruit irrespective of wherein you stay. Even if you’re now not generally a smoothie fan, those acai bowls would possibly have you changing your tune. Thick enough to devour with a spoon, they’re full of correct-for-you components that make for some healthy meals that flavor as properly as they appearance.

20 Acai Bowl Recipes

1. Acai Bowl Cheesecake

We’re beginning this list with a bang. enjoy the taste of an acai bowl atop a crunchy, nut- and date-based totally crust. With a creamy coconut, acai and vanilla filling and a berry topping, you may experience this vegan “cheesecake” for breakfast, dessert or a mid-day snack.

Acai Bowl Cheesecake
image: Acai Bowl Cheesecake / Rachel Attard

2. Acai Breakfast Bowl

A terrific recipe for acai learners, this bowl begins with frozen acai juice, mixed berries and your desire of milk within the blender. Then add sliced banana, almonds, granola and chia seeds for a dose of potassium, healthful fats, crunch and fiber in every chew.

three. Autumn Acai Bowls with Vanilla Bean Cashew Butter

these creamy bowls are bursting with components harking back to autumn, like nutrients-rich figs and pomegranates. but what really units these bowls apart is the easy, decadent selfmade cashew butter. mixed with coconut oil and vanilla bean paste, this opportunity to different nut butters will knock your socks off, no matter the season.

Autumn Acai Bowls with Vanilla Bean Cashew Butter
photograph: Autumn Acai Bowls with Vanilla Bean Cashew Butter / How sweet Eats

four. Banana Cacao Avocado Acai Bowl

adding avocado to your favorite smoothie recipes is a terrifically sneaky manner to increase wholesome fats and satiety even as adding a creamy texture — and no, it gained’t make a recipe flavor like a salad! It’s the appropriate addition to this acai bowl.

along side the banana and cacao, the advantage-packed avocado is mixed right into the bowl “base” along side Medjool dates for herbal sweetness. This bowl is right enough to devour as is, but then you definately’d omit out on the topping opportunities!

5. Berry Beet Breakfast Bowl

Beets are one of those vegetables that everybody knows are proper for you, but nobody is exactly certain what to make with them. in case you find yourself in that boat, do that acai bowl. Beets’ earthy flavor balances the tart berries quite nicely while the coconut milk offers this breakfast a decadent texture. top it with coconut flakes and hemp seeds for additonal omega-3 fatty acids and a ton of phytonutrients.

Berry Beet Breakfast Bowl
photo: Berry Beet Breakfast Bowl / Gourmande within the Kitchen

6. Berry Detox Bowl

This high-fiber, brightly colored berry bowl is just what the physician ordered to give your frame a reset. The combination of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries gives this a fruity experience, even as adding almond butter — or your favorite nut butter — makes this a high-quality-filling choice.

7. Berry Mint Ice Cream

Dessert for breakfast is a great choice while it’s this model! The “ice cream” is made of frozen bananas. Toss in your favorite berries for sweetness then add in clean mint leaves for a cool, clean flavor. Yum!

eight. Black Tea Infused Irish Porridge with Acai Berry

improve your porridge recipe and attempt acai in a extraordinary manner with this insanely flavorful recipe. Cooking it with black tea provides an additional hint of flavor while the home made pistachio cream topping is the icing on this breakfast.

Black Tea Infused Irish Porridge with Acai Berry
photograph: Black Tea Infused Irish Porridge with Acai Berry / half of Baked Harvest

nine. Bliss Balls

five elements, five minutes of prep and 15 electricity-packed bliss balls — this snack is really worth your time. crafted from Medjool dates, soaked cashews, dessicated coconut, chia seeds and acai powder, these are tremendous for on-the-cross eating.

10. Copycat Juice technology Acai Bowls

Why overpay for an acai bowl while you may make a copycat model for a lot less? This recipe is a awesome starter, however I specially love the creative flavor variations: starting from peanut butter to chocoholic, they make sure you gained’t become bored any time soon!

11. cross-To Smoothie Bowl

when you’re craving sweets, this acai bowl will hit the spot. vegetables aren’t invited to this party. rather, you’ll get a fruit medley blended with hemp seeds and protein powder for a ton of staying energy. Topping it with granola offers it a substantial experience, too.

pass-To Smoothie Bowl
image: pass-To Smoothie Bowl / Pumps & Iron

12. Kiwi Acai Bowl

vitamin C-wealthy kiwi is the celebrity of this acai bowl. blended with bananas, berries and granola, the fruit provides a new twist to the standard substances listing. Use clean or frozen — it’ll still taste tremendous

13. robust Mango Acai Bowl

This bowl is all about stability. It combines sweet mango and banana for sweetness together with avocado and spinach for inexperienced advantages. The result is a satisfying breakfast that’s simply what the health practitioner ordered.

14. Oahu Acai Breakfast Bowl

You don’t have to be inside the tropics to eat love it. This Hawaii-inspired bowl of goodness is flawlessly candy and, way to fresh mint, provides a fresh zing. The fruit-granola-coconut topping is first rate pleasing, too.

Oahu Acai Breakfast Bowl
photo: Oahu Acai Breakfast Bowl / Veggie Chick

15. Peanut Butter and Berry Acai Bowl

Nut butters aren’t frequently mixed with berries and that’s a disgrace, due to the fact the mixture is so good! The splendor of this acai bowl is how nicely the add-ins paintings. try chia seeds, goji berries and cacao nibs — mmm.

sixteen. Pumpkin Acai Bowls with Cranberry Crunch

There’s not anything that pumpkin can’t make higher and acai bowls are no exception. Pumpkin puree makes up the base and a nutty cranberry topping, combined with honey, pumpkin seeds and cinnamon finishes it all off. You don’t need to attend til Thanksgiving to revel in this pumpkin banquet.

Pumpkin Acai Bowls with Cranberry Crunch
picture: Pumpkin Acai Bowls with Cranberry Crunch / Pop Sugar

17. post-exercising Protein Acai Bowl

Refuel after a exercise with this fatigue-zapping acai bowl. It’s filled with all of the substances you want for a rapid recovery: protein powder, healthful fat via avocado, effective goji berries and walnuts. they all make up the bowl, so that you realize every chunk is complete of goodness.

18. purple Love Bowls Acai overnight Oats Pudding

An acai bowl that’s out of this global, this recipe will tide you over for hours. It’s complete of kale, gluten-unfastened oats for fiber and a yummy cashew butter topping — plus that fabulous red shade is difficult to face up to.

19. uncooked Chocolate Acai Bowls

Get your chocolate repair with this uncooked, vegan bowl. You received’t accept as true with how right for you it's miles. It’s got strength-boosting maca, while uncooked cacao powder gives it that choco flavor. i like adding in kale and topping with coconut flakes and fresh fruit for a meal that tastes greater like dessert.

uncooked Chocolate Acai Bowls
photo: raw Chocolate Acai Bowls / a touch insanity

20. sunrise Acai Bowl

What units this recipe other than similar ones is the fruit mixture it makes use of. in place of relying completely on berries like most, this one provides in pineapple and mango and, to pinnacle it off, a drizzle of candy honey. if you’re fortunate sufficient to glimpse a dawn with this acai bowl in hand, consider your self lucky!

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